Sunridge Ranch

Sunridge Ranch Mission Statement

The mission of Sunridge Ranch is to provide a secure family community for individuals with autism and other disabilities. The goal is to maintain a lifestyle filled with meaningful work, enjoyable recreation and lifelong learning structured around each resident's individual needs.

As parents of a young man with autism, we realized we need to plan for his future.

In 2005 we purchased twenty beautiful acres located in Ellensburg, Washington. We created the name Sunridge Ranch while viewing the sun rising over the ridge behind the property. This awesome sunrise inspired our vision for our son’s future. Sunridge Ranch represents the kind of adult life we envisioned. It provides individuals with autism and other disabilities a community of interdependence and a healthy environment in which the potential of each resident is fulfilled.


What We Offer

Sunridge Ranch Gate

The Ranch strives to provide residents with a rich, fulfilling life. Our focus is on:

  • High quality, long-term care
  • Structured, positive atmosphere
  • Sense of security & independence